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By Mytheos Holt October 13, Feminist agitator and self-proclaimed video game critic Anita Sarkeesian has had a bad few weeks. Even her collaborator on said report, Zoe Quinn, has disowned it, while Sarkeesian has stayed suspiciously silent. All in all, it seems the old girl has lost a bit of her edge at attracting fawning press coverage for her supposed bravery and cogency. As I detailed in a previous lengthy series on this topic, Sarkeesian poisons the well so often that cholera bacteria would tell her to slow down, and she seems to think begging the question is an Olympic sport. What Sarkeesian undeniably is good at, however, is stirring controversy. I have yet to encounter a single video-games enthusiast with a simply middling opinion of her work. One either regards her as a brilliant, lonely voice crying out in the misogynistic wilderness, or as an intellectually bankrupt mean girl trying to use fraudulent accusations of misogyny to destroy the cherished hobby of millions of gamers. In fact, quite the opposite: Say what you like about feminism, but its most well-known exponents have always been brilliant at detailing some wasted potential or casual cruelty visited upon women by a sexist society, even if those sexist sins existed solely in their minds.

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The interactive programming may include interactive files that are linked to the electronic books using electronic links. The electronic links may be included in the text and graphics data of the electronic book. The interactive files may be located in the same file as the interactive electronic book, or may be located external to the interactive electronic book. External locations include an Internet web site , an electronic book viewer and other external locations.

Access to the interactive file may be controlled by an operating prgoram and a security program included with the interactive electronic book. The interactive file may include sample problems and quizzes associated with a college textbook, for example. The interactive files may also include accesses to Internet web sites, and other electronic files to complete purchase orders, answer questionnaires, and to receive other data. More specifically, the invention is an interactive electronic book.

Background Art Sparked by the concept of an information superhighway, a revolution will take place in the distribution of books. Not since the introduction of Gutenberg’s movable typeset printing has the world stood on the brink of such a revolution in the distribution of text material. The definition of the word “‘book” will change drastically in the near future. Due to reasons such as security, convenience, cost, and other technical problems, book and magazine publishers are currently only able to distribute their products in paper form.

This invention solves the problems encountered by publishers.


Copyright c , , , , All Rights Reserved Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is permitted if both of the following conditions are satisfied: This notice is included in its entirety at the beginning. There is no charge except to cover the costs of copying. If you have ever tried to get a small household appliance or portable power tool repaired, you understand why all that stuff is likely to be gathering dust in your attic or basement closet or junk box.

It does not pay! This may be partially by design.

Back to Small Appliances and Power Tools Repair FAQ Table of Contents. Appliance Troubleshooting SAFETY Appliances run on either AC line power or batteries. In the latter case, there is little danger to you except possibly from burns due to short circuits and heating effect or irritation from the caustic chemicals from old leaky batteries.

An Introduction Human beings are social animals. We thrive best in groups, and naturally seek out groups for companionship, support, and mutual defense. And we like parties. But beyond that generalization, human beings actually associate together in a number of different ways depending upon the purpose of the gathering and the composition of the gathered. For our purposes, consider there to be three basic groupings, male-only, female-only, and mixed. Within each group a different set of basic rules and preconceptions applies.

Male and female social patterns — call them matrices of social interconnection and authority — have a huge role to play in how men and women pursue their mating strategies. Let’s take a look at how the boys do it, first. Men value respect, and from respect derives authority. Watch how a group of men who are strangers to each other act when they meet, say at a wedding, funeral, or civil ceremony. The basic ritual is the same, whether it’s a group of teens or a bunch of geezers:


Wednesday, July 20th, A Perfect Day: It seems that it was, since so much of Heller wrote about the futility of dictating the terms of waging war would be repeated in movie after movie in the wake of the thoroughly illogical Bosnian conflagration. This, despite a cast that includes Benicio del Toro, Tim Robbins, Melanie Thierry, Olga Kurylenko — all working at the top of their game — and several actors known primarily in eastern and southern Europe.

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By Haley Sweetland Edwards May 7, One of the biggest Internet backbone companies in the world, Level 3, claimed this week that five of the major American consumer broadband providers have been abusing their near-monopoly access to American homes and offices to pad their profits, raise consumer costs and delay enhancements to the high speed lines. The charge comes just as Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission are considering a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable that would make the new company the largest broadband provider in the country.

All six are large Broadband consumer networks with a dominant or exclusive market share in their local market. In countries or markets where consumers have multiple Broadband choices like the UK there are no congested peers. In recent months, Taylor says that the big American commercial broadband providers have refused to share the cost of widening the important choke points that connect them to the global internet network.

Those so-called peering connections have become congested as more and more people use the Internet for things like streaming HD video. Instead, they want the companies that are producing all that content, like Netflix, Amazon, and Google, to pony up. Broadband companies have compared this kind of arrangement to a postage stamp, where costs are assessed based on what is sent through the system. Who blinks first is less the point than who is suffering is mean time: Broadband customers, who never interact with middlemen like Level 3, pay our regional broadband providers to deliver the internet to us at acceptable speeds.

Almost all the transit companies have two types of peers:

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If you’re going to toss them on a keychain anyway, why not use one that adds some extra functionality to your EDC? A good EDC keychain will not only carry your keys, but also handle everyday tasks like opening bottles and boxes, prying, and driving screws. Grovemade Ring Sometimes simpler is better, and the Grovemade Ring is as simple as it gets.

This book sets out, among other things, to break down the communication barriers between the ‘professionals’ doctors, economists and international bankers and the ordinary person who looks with dismay at international injustice but feels totally inadequate in the face of it.

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You can find clips After a fairly lengthy process of designing, prototyping, testing and tweaking Classic Matte-finish has been perfected during my recent products

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Finally, designed for every-day use Until I Showed Them This! Before I continue, I have a quick confession: This project happened because I was scared. I was fearful of my young, 5-year-old son getting into the headache pills I keep in my bag a laptop bag I carry with me daily.

Feb 10,  · An interesting idea presented in Guns, Germs, and Steel is that organized religion, for better or worse, was an important stepping stone to the modern state, because it .

By Jason Prickett on Jan 17, with Comments 0 Rimless sinks depend on a stainless-steel mounting rim to hold the sink bowl in place, flush with the countertop surface. Punch-outs in the rim that hold the sink temporarily in place can be pushed out with a screwdriver. Apply another snake of putty on the outside of the rim before setting the whole assembly in place in the cutout.

Rim clips spaced equally around the perimeter of the sink pull the rim down against the countertop and snug the sink up against the rim. These are available in different sizes to fit different countertop and sink thicknesses. Undermount sinks function better than rimless sinks because water can be swept off the countertop and into the bowl, without the rim of the sink getting in the way. Some countertops have premounted bolts or female threads cast into the underside of the countertop to which are fastened clips that hold the sink bowl in place.

A bead of silicone caulk between the upper rim of the bowl and the underside of the countertop helps hold things in place and keeps water from seeping into the joint.

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Live satellite chat 9. It may be scrambled or 4. I have tried on PCI card too and still can’t see it. Proponents of the WiMAX wireless broadband technology have suffered a setback after a major US deal using the technology was scuppered at the weekend. The failure is a blow for the technology’s advocates – including the likes of Unwired and Austar – because Sprint was expected to be the major driver worldwide of WiMAX, investing billions of dollars in a network.

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This is a book based on what the Charter of the UN states about health as a basic human right. I am honoured to have been asked to write this forward and enthusiastically recommend it to anyone with an interest in the future of mankind. This book is provocative and will inspire informed action on the part of all of us. The book argues that the major causes of ill-health are not bacteria and viruses, or even war and natural disasters, but poverty. Theodore H MacDonald’s previous books have won international acclaim.

If we could solve the immensely complex problems of global inequities in wealth, the health inequities would largely vanish. Theodore Macdonald is known internationally as a leader in the promotion of the human right to health. General readers will find a refreshing, up-to-date account of why these issues are so crucial, while professionals will find the cogent epidemiological analyses needed to inform research efforts.

His ability as a communicator in conjunction with a tempered expertise held by few enables him to identify, analyze and provide his reflection on the right to health and its relation to global economics. The content and style of the writing reflects MacDonald’s impressive experiential background. Arguments are invariably backed up by hard empirical data drawn from a range of authoritative sources.

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It would take more regional spirit than exists today in Northeast Ohio, but Bier thinks it’s possible. Don’t be fooled by the work’s academic-sounding title: Setting the Stage for Resurgence. Bier, 80, a Cleveland native, brings a career’s worth of scholarship to his task. His work has been indispensable, and that’s especially true now. I was one of a dozen readers who read an early draft of the book and shared comments with the author.

) Ohm’s Law. The relationships that govern the flow of current in basic circuits (without capacitance or inductance – which is the case with many appliances) are contained in a very simple set of equations known an Ohm’s Law.

As men they had a profound effect on me more than as musicians. Had you picked up the trumpet by that time? Did you know music was going to be… WM: Well, I had a trumpet. Herlin Riley actually played trumpet in that same band, but before I was in it. I was only in the band for like six months or so, actually longer, maybe a year. I wanted to be some type of athlete or in some type of scholarly activity, be a chemist or something — I had my little chemistry set, and I liked playing with it.

But the thing I always try to convey is just the feeling of that time. We had a little league football team, and we used to lose almost every game. This was during real segregation, so they had like three Black teams and seven or eight White teams. We were glad just to be playing. Because before our age, they never had Black teams. But we would lose every game. In uniform and pads?

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