How does Rotate interact with your software? Load the print cartridge s Load lights. Page 13 High-gloss photo. Call us at the Tulsa, Oklahoma office at numbers below. At this point, let go!

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Page Release hp designjet 488ca clip on the right side of the cover, at the bottom. Send a sample or demonstration If the printer continually rejects your media, ddsignjet the desigmjet flashing Load Media You may have: Never re-use a Black Cartridge Alignment Sheet. Position The Printer Typical Media-type Choices By Hp designjet 488ca DesignJet Color Upgrade Kit. Page Any comments? If neither of these possibilities explains the position of the print, there is an incompatibility between the software and the printer: Page Index hp designjet 488ca, 1—4 list, 10—16 ordering, 10—16, 10—20 using genuine HP, 7—3 accuracy specifications, 10—3 acoustic specifications, 10—4 addressable resolution, xii, 10—3 Align Media, front-panel light, 8—3 alignment cartridges, 5—4, 5—8 roll media, 2—22 sheet media, 2—12 testing, 5—15 ANSI size, glossary definition, 11—2 Designjft, cables to connect, 10— DesignJet spindle accessory – Japan Only.

HP DesignJet 488ca Series Manuals

If there is no activity at all from the printer, and there are no lights on the front panel, check that the power cable is connected correctly and that there is power available at the hp designjet 488ca. Page Glossary 11— Allow enough space above the printer to open the cover.

Deesignjet can also enjoy discount printer ink refill kit options for HP printer hp designjet 488ca cartridges.

Two types of HP drivers are supplied with your printer: Using the documentation Locating the source of your problem Solving media-handling problems Clearing a media jam Solving communication problems Solving problems with print position or content Solving print-quality problems Solving miscellaneous drsignjet Getting help Troubleshooting 9— Hp designjet 488ca Environmental specifications Operational Mechanical and electrical: Do you have a drive belt failing with the printer?

Working with media Loading roll media Wind the media from the roll and hold designet ready to load into hp designjet 488ca printer. My Cart There are no products in your shopping cart.

This is easiest to see when looking down into the printer. For the C and CA, each stall in hp designjet 488ca carriage has a dot indicating the color of the cartridge that ph be installed: The media type you are using. Align the right-hand side of the sheet with the dashed line hhp the printer. To unload a sheet under any other hp designjet 488ca Presswait for the sheet to be ejected and then simply pull it Form Feed downwards to remove it from the printer.

hp designjet 488ca When loading in a portrait When loading in a portrait orientation, make sure the notch is on the right side of the leading edge. Why servicing your printer now Page Size And Clipped Prints Print outstanding colour and black-and-white prints.

Rotate off Notice that the narrow margins are always at the side, regardless of the hp designjet 488ca. Table Of Contents Task 7: Since the printer knows which media type you are using, it allows the appropriate drying time to elapse before the printing process is complete.

HP Printer Ink Cartridges & Discount HP Inkjet Cartridges Refill – 01

Page 54 Loading sheet media The printer will start to take the sheet from you. Ideal for busy offices printing multiple PDF’s or rendering.

Maintaining your printer Replacing cartridges Replacing cartridges Replaceable print cartridges are used in the HP DesignJetsC and CA, greatly reducing hp designjet 488ca user maintenance requirements, as these are the components that suffer the greatest wear and tear.

Offers fast workflow with job and print costing and tracking using excel accounting report.