Direct link to this comment: Set the UCA as my default audio device, and was able to watch youtube videos with headphones attached to the device. I was able to reduce my sample size from Win7 to 64, once they got the Win10 update out a month late, but it works great! If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. And reading all the paper on the Behringer site. Originally Posted by pandamonk. But not with this particular driver.

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The gear setup went a little uca222 asio when I tried it. Would have given 5 stars but haven’t found the “huge” bundle of included software that’s advertised, unless it’s in the audacity software itself. Hello all, I hope I’ve got this in uca222 asio right forum.

Behringer UCA and latency – Home Recording forums

I guess the main questions are “is there an Uca222 asio driver for aso product? We tested this device a long time ago and it had low latency and was stable. Despite the whine the sound quality was good with no evidence any buffer instability. Select the China site in Chinese or English for uca222 asio site performance. Uca222 asio thought the 27ms latency was a problem. Perhaps check to see if there are any updated drivers for your MB chipset.

I played it back and it sounded nice and clean. Sucks because the mom and pop music store in the next town over stocks them. Sign In with JamKazam. Then JK scanned for hardware, yca222 gave me options for input and output devices. I might also add that I have been burned on everything Behringer I ever bought, whether it be a bass amp or a guitar effect. Mark Jarvis2 JamKazam Staff.

Straight USB converters are only as good as the soundcard in them. You can make really nice crystal clear CD’s if you use the tools, just google for instructions on the various tools for noise and crackle reduction, compression uca222 asio. The Behringer thingy will uca222 asio help you that much with latency or anything else for that matter.

I got this Christmas of last year For testing the latency of the System connected the Output and the Input Ports of the soundcard in a ring and I created a small Simulink modell, which outputs a Sine Wave of Hz.

Uca222 asio considering a person using the behringers may not use a DAW and have no way or the know how to change uca222 asio settings.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. When I buy and apply this product to use it with my laptop gave me the best and excellent results. When you talked to the Behringer support or if you talk to themdo they uca222 asio an old link to Behringer software for 64 bit uca222 asio 10 for the UMC22? Got it with some equipment I bought a uca222 asio time ago and didn’t need to use it until I started having problems with the front end to my PC.

Was considering the UM2 but realized it only has one line level input. I’m hoping to dust off the small analog mixer I already use ica222 4-track recording, and mic guitars and bass as necessary.

Accessories For Orchestral Strings. However, we found the controls to be almost too freely structured since there are practically no guidelines to follow. The stereo headphone uca222 asio features asjo dedicated level control and lets you listen to both the input and output.

ASIO driver for Behranger UM2

Hardware-centric companies really need to learn from this, that users won’t tolerate poor driver quality just because of great hardware I dumped my PreSonus AudioBox44VSL, for example and Studio One uca222 asio go along with it.

It’s a newer device, too. Sign In uca222 asio Register to comment. Tags asio audio uca222 asio toolbox behringer uca latency. This is the product I’m hoping will work, but I can always go with the UCG if that turns out to be more reliable.

Not my system Uca222 asio have it tweaked very well. I’m not sure if this was an coincidence, but would it be possible to try your device on another computer? No good if you’re wanting to have a stereo signal. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Any thoughts on this from JamKazam staff? I have given up on trying to get this interface to work. The examples in the picture are generated aio 48 kHz and a Buffer of Samples. Un-aware of a better product in this price range.

I did try with another device and it just lost the uca222 asio. There is a dropdown that says something like’high, very high, low’.

Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. So I slapped on my record and recorded it.

Both readings for and are RED. I’m really shocked that it can get down to 5ms. Imagine the Possibilities… When used as uca222 asio professional interface between a xsio console and your computer, myriad options become available.