The designation of colored Ribbon by the Panels of color in the order in which they are printed: It will also display a dialog that it has changed the current setting or that the current Ribbon type is correct. Page – selecting the undefined area s option This fragmentation of the text string prevents magnetic encoding. The diagram below represents how the end of form will move in relation to the fixed card position as a positive or negative Print End of Form value is entered.

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These settings are optimized at the factory. Page The fargo persona c30 of colored Ribbon by the panels of color in the order in which they are printed: Press and hold down the power and pause buttons on the Printer.

AlphaCard Premium Blank PVC Cards, CR80 30mil

Gathering The Cleaning Supplies The fargo persona c30 resin-only Ribbon types are available for use with both Persona C Using The Fargo persona c30 Numbers Indicators RS, safety issues,, Using The Flipper Smart Angle Offset Option Enter a positive value to increase the amount of Flipper angular movement from the home position to the smart card loading position.

If unblocked, the Sensor should read 0. Plug the wall power cable into the AC power adapter. Got it, continue to print. Page Procedure a. This completes the Downloading Firmware procedure. The Card Printer is equipped with an internal adjustment mode programmable through the Settings dialog box.

Installing the Printer Driver continued Step Procedure Select the port that your Printer is connected to at this time. Dye-Sublimation Print Ribbons Note fargo persona c30 the Printer requires fargo persona c30 specialized and authorized print Ribbons in order to print and function properly. You have completed the setup and installation procedures in this section. Monochrome Dimensions See the Size and Weight information in this same table. Page 58 Remove all cards from persoona Hopper.

Page – selecting the print spooler tab in the d Page – using the calibrate tab persona c Page – using the image position controls Page Page – using the sensors button Page – using the settings button Page – using the magnetic encoding tab persona Page 18 Single-sided size: This slide only affects those images printed with dye- sublimation Ribbon panels YMC.

Table Of Contents Table of Contents This will bring up fargo persona c30 Persona C30 Printing Preferences window. Use the Printhead Cleaning Swab to gently rub back and forth over the entire length of the Printhead 3 to 4 times.

Page persoma Use the Torx T screwdriver to attach the one 1 front Baseplate mount screws Fas shown below.

An AC power supply, typically powered by batteries, which Power Supply provides temporary power to the PC or Printer during an interruption of the supply voltage. If your Printer is equipped with a Magnetic Encoder, you must insert the Cleaning Card with the printed side up and with the fargo persona c30 Liner Strip towards the front of the Printer.

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Installing The Windows Printer Driver A to Has shown in the Portrait and Landscape samples below. Page 61 Page 62 – resolving a ribbon rfid error ribbon rf Select the Mechanics tab to test Motors and Sensors in the Printer. Using The Calibrate Tab persona C fargo persona c30, Using The Calibrate Tab persona C Use the Calibrate tab to a control the position of the printable area in relation to the card, b calibrate Sensors and c adjust the internal Printer settings that are customized for every Printer and saved directly within fargo persona c30 Printer’s memory.

Selecting The Orientation portrait Or Landscape Page Page – using the magnetic track options radio b Only the Diagnostic Utility tabs perxona the selected Printer fargo persona c30 be shown. Page – using the k panel resin tab c Page Page – enabling the frontside option k panel r Page Some models require a chip change for updates; fargo persona c30 firmware can be changed by reprogramming from the PC.

Printers Fargo — Drivers

Loading The Card Cartridge continued PRN fargo persona c30 is to be sent to the Printer. Page 88 If less than 22 volts is read on any of the pins, replace the Printhead. Page 71 Page 72 fargo persona c30 resolving a ribbon break jam error Page 73 Page 74 – resolving a ribbon out error Page 75 – resolving a no ribbon installed error Page 76 Page 77 – resolving a invalid ribbon error Page 78 Page 79 – resolving fargo persona c30 wrong ribbon error Page 80 Page 81 – resolving a card jam error Page 82 Page 83 – resolving a headlift motor or sensor err If the error continues, replace the Printer Main Board.

Select the Defined Area s option to activate the card grid in the upper half of the window.

The manual is designed to provide Installers and Technicians with quick, efficient lookup of related procedures, components and terms. The diagram below represents how the end of form will move in relation to the fixed card position as a positive fargo persona c30 negative Print End of Form perskna is entered.

Here the Lever is pressed down. Page Instructions saved in computer memory that directs the computer to perform certain tasks and functions. When this option is selected, all black in fargo persona c30 designated areas will print only with the resin black K panel. Regulatory Compliances, Section 2:

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