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In this context of changing and challenging market requirements, Gas Insulated Substation GIS has found a broad range of applications in power systems for more than two decades because of its high reliability, easy maintenance and small ground space requirement etc. SF6 has been of considerable technological interest as an insulation medium in GIS because of its superior insulating properties, high dielectric strength at relatively low pressure and its thermal and chemical stability. SF6 is generally found to be very sensitive to field perturbations such as those caused by conductor surface imperfections and by conducting particle contaminants. The presence of contamination can therefore be a problem with gas insulated substations operating at high fields. If the effects of these particles could be eliminated, then this would improve the reliability of compressed gas insulated substation. It would also offer the possibility of operating at higher fields to affect a potential reduction in the GIS size with subsequent savings in the cost of manufacture and installation. The purpose of this paper is to develop techniques, which will formulate the basic equations that will govern the movement of metallic particles like aluminum, copper in a coated as well as uncoated busduct. In recent years, the areas of industrial application of AC drives, especially Induction machine based on DTC technique has gradually increased due to its advantages over the other techniques of control. However conventional DTC suffers from high torque ripple and variable switching frequency. This paper, propose a method to reduce torque fluctuations, where the circular flux vector is divided into twelve sectors and is compared with conventional DTC method where the flux vector is divided into six.

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A wide variety of formats are held, such as music manuscripts, scores, sheet music, field notes, 78 rpm discs, vinyl LPs, and audiocassettes. For additional collections material, check the Wisconsin Music Archives list, the Library Catalog, and the databases within our Mills Music Library Digital Collections.

Home Bill’s 78rpm Beginner’s Page This page is for anyone who has no previous knowledge of 78 rpm records and wants to find out more. What is a 78rpm record? Any flat disc record, made between about and the late s and playing at a speed around 78 revolutions per minute is called a “78” by collectors. Generally 78s are made of a brittle material which uses a shellac resin thus their other name is shellac records. Why 78 rpm speed? Although the speeds of the earliest discs can vary considerably from 78 rpm they are still called “78s”.

At first the speeds were not standardised but ranged between 65 and over rpm, but in the s an average speed was around 78rpm. The first disc recording machines were weight driven with the speed controlled by a governor and different calibrations between machines could lead to speed differences. When electrical recording was first used in , it was used for the soundtrack of films and so a precise speed was needed to keep in sync with the picture.

In America using 60Hz mains, the speed of electric motors is either or rpm. Using a rpm motor with a A similar calculation for England using 50 Hz mains gives a speed of


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A 78 RPM record player. By Dave Thompson Question: I inherited about 45s. I found a 78 RPM. The Beatles did issue recordings in the 78 RPM format. However, Beatles fans — and lots of other rock aficionados — should keep an eye on the 78s shelf, because there are a lot of treats awaiting discovery. In Britain, the old format held its own in the marketplace until Learn more about the history of the 45 RPM record.

The actual market for them might be smaller than for 45s; the values in price guides sometimes seem a little lower. But ask any dealer what he would rather offer — a set of mint Elvis Sun singles on 45? Or a set on 78? There is no competition. The reason is that 78s were not built to last.

Vintage 78 Records

November 3, Archie Bleyer was 43 years old when he founded his own record label in December, He called it Cadence, and set up headquarters on 49th Street in Manhattan. An orchestra leader, Bleyer was well known as a regular on Arthur Godfrey’s TV shows, which were Immensely popular in the mid s.

The average value of most 78 rpm records offered to us is $1 or less. Remember, we had to go through , records to find a single copy of “Terrible Blues”. We do offer an appraisal service with details on our Appraisals Page but this is mainly for very large collections.

I have been a collector of mechanical talking machines and vintage recordings since only , although I have loved the music for years. This hobby has given me many hours of joy—I am pleased I can give something back, even if only this humble effort. With The Talking Machine Forum , we have brought together a wonderful group of like-minded individuals, all interested in the free exchange of knowledge and continued research in our chosen hobby.

Paul Edie on the machine side—his phenomenal undertaking in creating and maintaining a database of all Victrolas built and still extant is truly amazing. On the record side—Mr. There are other collectors, both prominent and not, some of whom have become great personal friends who have also inspired and assisted me. I will attempt to list them all in the acknowledgements.

As I mentioned earlier—this is a group effort. It is my hope that the entire world-wide membership of the TMF will contribute images and information to an ever-growing gallery of labels. I am forever indebted to Mr. Barr for all his hard work in this arena, as we we all should be.

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Despite this, there is a hardcore group of vinyl enthusiasts who still collect not only new vinyl records, but older ones as well. If you wanted to sell a vinyl collection or get it appraised for insurance purposes, you must first know how old each record is. On very old vinyl, this may not be easy to tell right away.

78 Records, Cylinders, Vintage Phonographs, and American Recording Industry History – Books and Online Articles for Collectors 78 Records, Cylinders, Phonographs, and Recording Industry History – Information & Resources.

Baker’s biographical dictionary of musicians. Revised by Nicolas Slonimsky. Maxwell Macmillan International, c Da Capo Press, Reprint of the ed. Biographical dictionary of American music. International encyclopedia of women composers. Edited by Colin Larkin. Sous la direction d’Helmut Kallmann et al. The complete encyclopedia of popular music and jazz, Arlington House Publishers, [ ]. Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie. Edited by Stanley Sadie; executive editor, John Tyrrell.

Edited by Stanley Sadie.

The Online 78 rpm Discographical Project

But also engraved in the wax is the following text: Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St. It is a single sided record, and since Columbia started making double-faced records in , my best guess is that this record dates from the period. Maybe one of you guys or gals can help me narrow this down? An Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label – , your copy was made between

Guide to the Ku Klux Klan Collection, and undated Summary. Twentieth-century secret fraternal group held to confine its membership to American-born white Protestant Christians. General Klan materials dating from the s through the s. Items have been sorted geographically by origin. Original 78 rpm phonodisc (cracked.

Labelography of Home Recording Discs Note: I haven’t kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The principal goal of this project is to assemble an illustrated list of label types found on home recording swiss rolex discs of the mid-twentieth century. A further and perhaps more important goal is to produce a dating guide for home recording discs.

Obviously there is no way to determine the date of an undated home recording with certainty based only on rolex replica the label type. People often used blank discs many years after they were originally produced; I have discs in my collection manufactured during World War Two but recorded in the s, and some people are still making recordings on vintage blanks. However, by determining approximately when each label type was originally introduced, we can at least come up with a set of earliest possible recording dates for disc home recordings.

For example, a disc with a label type introduced about cannot have ofake omega watches been recorded earlier than that, although it could have been recorded much later. Furthermore, it is likely that a majority of discs were in fact recorded a short time after their initial sale, so we might eventually be able to hazard educated guesses of, say, “circa ” based on a given label type.

When was this recording made? But how can we figure out when each label type was introduced? That’s where you can help if you have any home disc recordings in your possession.

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Labelography of Home Recording Discs Note: I haven’t kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The principal goal of this project is to assemble an illustrated list of label types found on home recording discs of the mid-twentieth century. A further and perhaps more important goal is to produce a dating guide for home recording discs.

The American 45 and 78 RPM Record Dating Guide, May 21 by William R Daniels. Hardcover. CDN$ (7 used & new offers) The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records Murray’s Collectors’ Price Guide and Discography: Lps/45 Rpm/78 Rpm/Eps Aug .

Hi, Philco also manufactured at least one 33rpm radio-phono in , their 23X: Certainly similarities in the tonearm and player are evident. Most examples of the Concert Grand used a Victor pickup and a Samgomo motor, although some examples are known with the General Electric Induction Disc motor. The vintage models and used Victor pickups on the “inertia” tone arm, and were fitted with General Industries “Green Flyer” motors. The combination used the Victor pickup on a Capehart drop changer.

It appears that early combinations continued to use the green flyer motors. I suspect that the decision by RCA Victor to dispose of a considerable quantity of their induction disc motors at cut prices in the spring of may have a grreat deal to do with the appearance of these motors in Philco combinations in the succeeding years. In that year it was assumed that the industry was duing, and would take only a couple of years to wind up.

Industry wide sales of phonograph records in amounted to only about six million units, as apposed to the hundred-fifty million unit sales of

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