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February 1, No single issue is likely to dominate the Oregon legislative session that begins Monday, but lawmakers will still be busy with issues ranging from reconnecting to the federal tax code to gun restrictions. And there will be some political jockeying in advance of the Oregon primary in May and general election this fall. Voter approval of Measure and Senate Democratic cold water on cap-and-invest legislation may remove much of the anticipated drama at the Oregon legislative session, which convenes Monday. Of course, any legislative session during an election year can have outsized political tensions. But there may be other considerations this time around, including how the new federal limitation on state and local tax deductions will affect Oregon taxpayers. The Oregon business community wants to see substantial progress on reducing the unfunded liability of the Public Employees Retirement System, but that appears unlikely in the short session and during an election year.

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Last Name 10 Tips on how to make your hair grow faster One day I saw a bob hairstyle in a magazine and decided to go for it! So, I got rid of my long and shiny, at the time, locks and was happy with my new, easily manageable and cute bob hairstyle. But, as the time went by, I started to miss my long, gorgeous hair, just as it happens to most girls, who cut their long strands, carried away by the fleeting impulse of enthusiasm. Now the question is:

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Alyssa Milano encouraged use of the hashtag after accusations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced in Several hashtags about sharing stories of sexual violence were in use before MeToo became the most popular. Burke later wished she had simply told the girl, “me too”. In October , Alyssa Milano encouraged using the phrase to help reveal the extent of problems with sexual harassment and assault by showing how many people have experienced these events themselves.

Creator Tarana Burke accepts the title of the leader of the movement, but has stated she considers herself a worker of something much bigger. Burke has stated that this movement has grown to include both men and women of all colors and ages, and supports marginalized people in marginalized communities.

Other state MeToo underscores the need for men to intervene with others when they see demeaning behavior. Burke has highlighted goals such as processing all untested rape kits , re-examining local school policies, improving the vetting of teachers, and updating sexual harassment policies.

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What caused the blaze? The theories fire chiefs will examine Grief over the Grenfell Tower disaster turned into angry protests on Friday as the official death toll rose to at least 30 and dozens more deaths were feared. Prime Minister Theresa May faced cries of “coward” and “shame on you” as she returned to the site of the devastating fire in west London after being criticised for not meeting victims in the wake of the tragedy. Protesters storm Kensington Town Hall Credit:

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The 11 Types of Pre-Medical Students 1. The philosophy major who will eventually take those science courses The philosophy major is the most vocal pre-med student. He or she will tell you that they know the back-end for getting into medical school, because they have a distant cousin who is currently enrolled. Why you may ask? Because both of their parents are in the medical field. They spend more hours in the library per week then you will spend in the entire year.

The work-hard party-hard people These individuals refuse to choose two in the photo below because they are convinced they can manage all three. Typical freshmen misconception They have medical school dreams but also want to live the American Pie college experience. They believe that if they get the bachelors of Science, there will be a medical school out there even if that means going to the Caribbean that is willing to accept them despite not having the competitive 3.

The pre-medical, electrical engineering, AND computer science major This is the Salmon Khan type of person — very rare. You really have to have a knack for math and science to do any of these three, let alone ALL three. We love you Khan, keep doing you 6. The biology to Health Science major Biology was too hard and boring for this person, but they still want a career in medicine.

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November 16, — YouTube, Sony and Buzzfeed today announced a new YouTube Original special Ken Jeong Cracks Christmas featuring none other than Ken Jeong as he and celebrity friends embark on the ultimate comedic quest to uncover the pop-culture myths and unexpected stories behind the world’s most celebrated holiday. The minute special will debut on the Buzzfeed YouTube channel on December 12, Jeong Crazy Rich Asians, Hangover, Community , a self-proclaimed holiday fanatic, who has seen the Nutcracker over forty-five times and obsesses over his family holiday card for months, immerses himself into different worlds filled with Santas, carolers and ballerinas, alongside celebrity friends and guest stars Angela Kinsey, Joel McHale and Harry Schum Jr.

Likes, Comments – Jie, MDPhD (@oncdocmdphd) on Instagram: “We got engaged this weekend!! ️🎉🙌🏼💎 • We met in medical school and after dating 7 years, including ”.

How relationships in medical school will make you a better doctor Medical Student Perspective: How relationships in medical school will make you a better doctor On day one, you’re brimming with excitement, surrounded by a hundred plus classmates starting a similar journey, and can’t wait to meet your first patient. By day ninety, your eyes can’t stay open, classmates file into a dozen different study rooms after class, and the phone buzzes with a message reminding you to eat from your worried parents.

Medical students often see some magnitude of this happening around them, or to them, and sometimes the transition is a silent one. Then, there comes the various approaches to transitioning to wards. Where do personal relationships fit in? Simply put, the best advice I can give for relationships in medical school is to really have them.

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Ethiopians are one of the largest, most educated and affluent African immigrant populations in America. According to American Banker, a resource for the U. It has already posted a job listing looking for people who are fluent in Amharic.

Add Grindr to the list of companies with creepy data-sharing practices: The gay dating network is revealing information about its users’ HIV status with third-party companies.

I believe that God brought me and Andy together and that God celebrates our love. I also believe that our marriage will offer a powerful testimony to skeptics that queer love can be God-honoring, and even sacramental. Still, I do not think these conservatives should be shamed or mocked. I do not think they should be fired. And I certainly do not think they should be the butt of a popular BuzzFeed article.

After pivoting to the religious beliefs of the Gaineses, and pointing out that they go to an evangelical church whose pastors oppose same-sex marriage, Aurthur then poses these questions: Her upshot seems to be: Besides the fact that the entire case is made by speculation and suggestion, there are many other problems at play.

Here are a few of them. The minds at BuzzFeed are not naive:

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You shivered at the prospect of hurdling into an industry full of Idina Menzels and Donny Osmonds. But one look at these schools and your worries just might fall to the wayside. So pack your character shoes and leotard and check out these schools dedicated to developing thriving Broadway stars. Penn State University Penn States derives its rich musical theatre curriculum from the largest musical theatre faculty in the nation.

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Veterinarians have thick skins — literally. They endure scratches and bites in the quest to make the lives of our furry friends better. Veterinarians have rigorous hygiene standards. If your date treated a sheep any time in the last week, she will smell of sheep Has this person ever actually met a vet?! Veterinarians are smart, quick problem solvers, making life-and-death decisions on the spot and quickly assessing serious problems.

Your date is exhausted and wants nothing more than a large glass of wine and to spend the evening watching Made In Chelsea and browsing Buzzfeed. A sense of humor. Vets are able to laugh at the messes and stresses that comes with working with animals all day. Your date will be one of the most cynical, sarcastic people you will ever meet and will tell jokes that will make you vomit in your own mouth unless anal glands and exploding abscesses get you going Credit: Veterinarians make kids smile, helping their pets recover from injuries and illnesses, and showing them how best to care for their canine pals.

Veterinarians have impressive job descriptions. Your date will have no time for housework, cooking or a social life and will spend most evenings researching difficult cases. Veterinarians know how to reassure others in stressful, difficult times.

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The average American watches hours of television a month, and we also spend countless hours watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, reading books and surfing the Internet. If someone could control the production of all of that media, that would make them immensely powerful. They would literally be in a position to tell people what to think. Well, what if I told you that there are just six enormous media conglomerates that combine to produce about 90 percent of all the media that Americans consume.

The University of California. It’s the best public university system in the world. With campuses spanning the hills of Berkeley and Westwood to the beaches of Santa Barbara and the forests of Santa Cruz, it has something for everyone. But which UC do you belong at? Take this quiz to find out!

Picking up eight months after Mary Dhavernas and Des Short framed Grady Greg Bryk for the deaths of their patients, Des is happy to reteam with Mary following his stint in prison, but Mary questions whether she was better off fighting the good fight without him. As they dive deeper and darker into their illegal work, a mysterious woman, Olivia Bloom Lefevre , comes to them with a deadly request, unleashing a chain of events that unfolds throughout the season.

Mary’s personal and professional lives come to a head when Ben Ryan returns, knee-deep in a complicated undercover case. Ben’s investigation will collide with Mary’s criminal descent, forcing Mary to decide whether to come clean once and for all. Tara Armstrong Private Eyes created the series and is the showrunner and an executive producer. In , Lifetime launched Broad Focus, a major global initiative dedicated to supporting and hiring female directors, writers and producers to make its content which totals over original hours.

B is a leading media and content company that creates and delivers high quality brands and content across platforms for audiences around the world.

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Add the stress of medical school to the mix and you can make a difficult situation nearly impossible. I certainly think so. I met the love of my life while in high school.

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The Epic Conclusion If you’ve read any part of this blog, then you know I’m not much of a blogger. I submit a post maybe every three to six months. Please, please, please note and remember that this is just my personal experience that I am sharing with you to highlight the challenges of maintaining not only a long distance relationship, but also a relationship with a med student. By no means does this mean that my experience will become yours.

The Beginning of the End If you’ve read earlier posts, then you know my relationship with my med student has not always been the smoothest ride. Before he was even admitted to school, we lived two hours away from each. I was done with grad school and had already started my career, while he opted to remain with his parents and save money. Several months later he proposed of course, I said yes! When the news hit, we discussed the possibility of me traveling with him.

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Meanwhile a letter from her dead son arrived today like a ghost reaching out for justice. Breaking News will be posting portions of the letter — as it turns out the last letter to his mom. Freedom of Information Act requests for audio recordings, prisoner and Corrections officer statements — are going to be sent by U.

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This blog is dedicated to all things related to medical school. As one may or may not be aware, medical school is, in fact, hard. Thursday, December 4, Intra-class relationships One word that is used with alarming frequency to describe medical school students is the word “incestuous. However, you’ll quickly find out why this word is so frequently used once you get there: You will find that medical students pair off quickly and, often, indiscriminately, so it’s important to know how to take advantage of this situation if you desire to do so.

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