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Kunitomo air gun developed by the Japanese inventor Kunitomo Ikkansai , circa — Air guns represent the oldest pneumatic technology. The oldest existing mechanical air gun, a bellows air gun dating back to about , is in the Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm. This is the time most historians recognize as the beginning of the modern air gun. Throughout 17th to 19th century, air guns in calibers. They were also used in warfare, the most recognized example being the Girandoni air rifle. At that time, they had compelling advantages over the primitive firearms of the day. For example, air guns could be discharged in wet weather and rain unlike both matchlock and flintlock muskets , and discharged much faster than muzzle-loading guns. Thus, they did not disclose the shooter’s position or obscure the shooter’s view, unlike the black powder muskets of the 18th and 19th centuries. In the hands of skilled soldiers, they gave the military a distinct advantage. France, Austria and other nations had special sniper detachments using air rifles.

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Oddly enough we were bagging on Hi-Point since their factory caught on fire yesterday. Rick Matoy Shooting a Hi-Point is like riding a girls bike! A lot of fun until someone sees you!! Major Tom A girls bike has the advantage of not giving you black and blue balls when you slip off the seat and onto the lowered crossbar. But then again, black and blue balls from the crossbar is excellent motivation to not suck at bikes.

Jul 08,  · If the gun was proofed in Germany there is a date code. If not the only information you can get is from the serial number and only SiG has that information. Unfortunately they no longer give it .

If you would like us to send you an email whenever we add new stock please enter your email address below and click GO. The phrase basket-type hilts refers to a large group of hilts which provide a degree of protection to the hand and wrist. Basket-hilted swords have featured prominently among British military edged weapons over the past five centuries, from the Wars of the Roses in the mid fifteenth century to the period immediately after the second Boer War of the early twentieth century.

In setting out to give a full account of the hilt type, and the many variants within it, the first necessity has been to provide an appropriate terminology to employ in cataloguing and describing individual examples. The book, well illustrated with black and white illustrations, falls into several parts, dealing successively with general aspects of various hilt types and discussion of typological methodology, the three major groups of basket-hilted swords, the diverse group of incomplete basket hilts, ‘mortuary’ hilts, and hilts closely related to ‘mortuary’ hilts.

His large collection of British military swords may be seen at Brown University, donated by the author. The best book on British swords to be published for over a generation. Was born in in St. From – he studied in Vhuteine?? In the s to s – he was working in the newspapers “Pravda”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Izvestia”, “For Industrialization”; in “30 Days” magazine, “Height”, “Foreign Literature”, “Youth”, “Ogonyok” the magazine received numerous prizes for the best pictures of the year.

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The other two stock barrel lengths at the time were the 4″ barrel and the 6. Travis apparently gets the idea of owning a. Travis spots the “.

Gun writer David Tong gives us a look into the history of the Walther PPK Pistol. The Walther PPK pistol was a shortened version of the Model PP, and was first produced in The Walther.

Walther has just announced the release of their new Creed pistol chambered in 9mm. Walther has made enormous progress in expanding their market share in the last few years. Even if it is simply an upgraded PPX, the new Creed has a nice appearance and is packed with features. For the bargain conscious buyer, the new Creed is an amazing value. Backed by the Walther Lifetime Guarantee, and considering the outstanding ergonomics and shooting ease of recent Walther handguns, the Creed should be a winner.

The German manufacturer has been very impressive in recent years. The Walther PPX was more blocky and sharp-edged in appearance.

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Primarily, the rear grip frame strap was removed and replaced by a single-piece wraparound checkered plastic grip to further lighten the pistol. Its shorter butt also reduced the magazine capacity by one round from the PP for each caliber as a result. Both pistols featured a fixed front sight milled integrally with the slide, a fixed barrel that is press-fitted and cross-pinned into place on the receiver.

A rear sight is drift adjustable for windage only.

Jul 15,  · Robert-Andre is unboxing, reviewing and demonstrating Walther PPQ Spring Airsoft Pistol Kit! This spring-powered gun is single-shot and must be manually cocked for each shot. The gun .

White braid band a little grubby Patent leather black peak with brass edge. The pistol has a good working action. It has an overall grey patina. A good solid pistol but there has been some pitting- please see photo. In my opinion this does not detract from a desirable Colt New Line, especially as it has matching serial numbers and is a scarce two digit number. This replaces the bottom front furniture on the AK and also clamps to the bayonet lug.

Comes with leather end cap. Deactivated with fully moving parts and working dry-fire action Comes with deactivation certificate.

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This site is dedicated to the P can opener, a magnificent tool that almost every veteran has encountered since it’s introduction. We have compiled an extensive collection of information and data on the military can openers but we encourage anyone that anything to contribute to please forward information to us so that we might include it here in our comprehensive web site dedicated to the P military can openers.

Alfred Wood, contacted us in early and passed on some more patent information as it relates to the p can opener. Wood found a patent dating from that questions the origins of the WWII can opener.

Aug 11,  · The Manurhin marked ones are C&R, but not the Walther marked ones, even though they were made in the same factory in France until I bought a couple a few years ago, both in ACP. They were both former Copenhagen police guns.

There are a number of unfamiliar symbols on the guns that I will explain here. In the above example, the Chantilly import P7M8 has a serial number of What about the other symbols? What is the funny character with the ‘N’ under it? What does ‘IE’ mean? What is the symbol next to the ‘IE’? The character with the ‘N’ under it is an eagle with spread wings. This is called the ‘Bundesadler’ and roughly translated means ‘federal eagle.

This is a universal symbol found on German firearms that use modern nitrocellulose based propellants. The ‘IE’ is the date code. More on that in a minute. The symbol to the right of the date code is a stag horn. It is the symbol of a particular proof house, located in Ulm, Germany.

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History[ edit ] Design work on this new generation sidearm began in , and the handgun was presented in with series production commencing that same year. This gun has also been chosen to replace the Walther P5 of the Dutch Police in Product evolution[ edit ] The Walther P99 was modified several times throughout its production history, as were the magazines.

WARNING! THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Revolvers Smith & Wesson Model Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) purchases four handguns from “Easy Andy” (Steven Prince), the illegal gun first of which is a Smith & Wesson Model 29 with an 8 3/8″ barrel, the longest factory barrel made for the S&W Model 29 during this time period. The other two stock barrel lengths at the time .

Leave a comment I seem to go into a sort of cycle with the news. Right now I am about sick of it. I still check out the drudge daily and if things get boring cruise the BBC. Instead of listening to the news at work I have been using a comedy show as background. I keep up enough to have a clue what is going on but really am having a hard time pretending to care. The issues of police abuses has been weighing pretty heavily on my mind lately. Right now I do not have any additional thoughts on this topic which I am willing to share in a public venue.

The only thing that concerns me more than this is the total ambivalence of law enforcement about these crimes.

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Kunitomo air gun developed by the Japanese inventor Kunitomo Ikkansai , circa — Air guns represent the oldest pneumatic technology. The oldest existing mechanical air gun, a bellows air gun dating back to about , is in the Livrustkammaren Museum in Stockholm. This is the time most historians recognize as the beginning of the modern air gun. Throughout 17th to 19th century, air guns in calibers.

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Seems a little odd to have a completely unrelated image in the article, no? For example, the Walther US website was outdated and poorly maintained until a few months ago. I totally understand though. I like Walther firearms, but as of late they definitely have had a second-rate presence in the US. ColonelColt July 5, at 2: W July 7, at 2: It was definitely state of the art for its era. Cymond July 8, at 2:

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